Islands of fragrance for your senses

Fragrances influence our feelings or awaken long forgotten memories more strongly than any other sensations. They quickly help us recall the pleasant feeling of happy moments or almost forgotten events. Certain scents can do even more: lavender, for example, brightens the mood, has a calming effect, and can even help fall asleep.

Harmony for body and mind

Fragrances and scents develop their incredible effects in particular in familiar surroundings at home. They influence our wellbeing and have a calming and harmonizing effect equally on body and soul. They transport us into the land of dreams and associations and provide a relaxing feeling of wellbeing, almost without us noticing it.

Milano Plus
Milano Plus
Comfortable and elegant

Elegant Design Aroma Diffuser with remote control
for comfortable light and fragrance control. 

Tasteful and sophisticated

Elegant design in an oval shape grants magical
light effects due to frosted glass surface.

Timeless and balanced

The distinctive spherical shape with frosted glass surface
creates a fragrance experience of calmness and relaxation.

Decorative and aesthetic

The interplay of scent and soft, blue light 
guarantees freshness and naturalness.

Elegant and harmonious

Ravenna creates ambient color scenes and 
ensures pleasant moments of relaxation

Elegant and pleasant

With harmonious color changes, Lucca grants 
a dream-like, calm atmosphere.

Room fragrances with wellness character

With the room fragrances by SOEHNLE you will transform your environment into islands of fragrance for your senses. The right choice depends on your personal preference as well as the desired area of application. Whether rejuvenating or balancing – your wellbeing will thank you.

Vanilla, Lavender, Magnolia and Jasmine

Lilac, Orange and Winter Magic

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