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Aquabiking is the ideal exercise

Bicycling under water is the new motto. What seems odd at first glance is more than just another fitness trend. No wonder – this sport is incredibly healthy: the entire body is being exercised, the joints are very well protected, and the heart rate stays low.

Aquabiking, pool biking, or aqua cycling – it doesn't matter which name the classes are offered under, they all basically mean the same thing. Indoor pools and fitness studios have been offering this new, trendy sport for approximately five years, although the idea is not very new. First attempts of using the positive effects of the water while bicycling already occurred in the 1950s. Yet it has only recently become popular, decades later. 

The basic principle is very easy: every movement is more intensive and thus more effective due to the water resistance, even every push on the pedal. The simultaneous massaging effect of the water also supports blood circulation and tightens thighs and calves. Different handle positions change the body position, which ranges from sitting to floating on top of the water, which is supplemented by additional exercises for arms and trunk. Up to 800 calories are burned per hour, muscles are developed and stamina is increased. 

Aquabiking is done as a group of approximately 10 participants, led by trained instructors, and enhanced with lively music, which also creates a pleasant mood. Despite precise instructions, every participant determines their own individual exercise speed, so that various performance levels can effortlessly be combined. The physical strain is particularly easy in the water and joints are not strained. Even sports injuries, which are otherwise typical, are non-existent. It is ideal for people that are severely overweight or have arthritic symptoms. It is not a coincidence that aquabiking is used in competitive sports training as well as in rehabilitation.

Recent research results show a significantly lower heart rate when bicycling under water than when bicycling on land, as the water pressure on legs and lower body allows the blood to flow in the most effective direction. 
In contrast to Aqua Aerobic, biking in water can be done regardless of the personal body height. The special bike made of stainless steel is placed in the water at a depth of approx. 1.30 to 1.35 metres. The seat height can be adjusted individually, so that the body is in the water approximately up to the navel. The feet, by the way, are in pool shoes, which are attached to the pedals, so that you can't slip off. How wonderful that this pleasant sport can be performed all year long without restrictions. 

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