Soehnle 160 Jahre

Fit and healthy with golf!

For many years, golf has been deemed to be an elite sport in Germany, specifically reserved for an established, somewhat older clientele. Today, image and admittance have changed. New golf facilities are being created everywhere, and the powerful sport is experiencing an ever-greater influx of a wider public.

Golf increases fitness and enhances concentration while reducing stress. On average, a golfer covers a distance of approximately 8.5 kilometres per round, which burns an easy 1,200 calories. 124 of our 343 muscles are tightened with each swing, and moving in the fresh air is one of the best cardiovascular training available. It is not a coincidence that sports physicians and physiotherapists recommend golf for prevention as well as for rehabilitation. 

Most clubs offer introductory courses or open houses where you can discover what kind of an adventure you are getting involved in. To begin, solid, athletic clothing and athletic shoes suffice. Clubs and balls are usually provided for introductory sessions. If you then catch the fever, but cannot warm up to a permanent membership, you can let off steam at one of Germany's 367 public golf courses. 268 of which don't even require the so-called "golf license", a license to play golf courses. By the way, with this special handicap system, golf is the only sport where beginners and professionals can easily play with each other, regardless of age or skill level. 

In recent years, the sport has become affordable. While club shares had to be bought in the past, normal annual memberships are today possible, similar to fitness clubs. The fees are increasingly more flexible and adjusted to today's modern and mobile society. Players not wanting to tie themselves to a specific club will find a home in the registered German Association of Non-Club Golfers (VCG), which offers maximum flexibility.

By the way: After a break of 112 years, golf will once again be an Olympic Sport in 2016; and with the inclusion into the standard program "Jugend trainiert für Olympia" (youths training for the Olympics), golf is now also an official school sports. 

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