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Keeping a summer tan as long as possible

Healthy, tanned skin and unforgettable memories are two of the most wonderful holiday souvenirs. Too bad that this tan is very fleeting and often gone after only a few short weeks. We offer tips so that you can keep the summer tan as long as possible.

The skin is a very active organ. It renews itself completely once every 28 days; it releases the uppermost layer of callous tissue to make space for new cells that formed in the bottom layers. A wonderful process of regeneration - to which the holiday tan quickly falls victim. Yet this process can be slowed down a bit if the skin receives what it needs. 

Your skin is thirsty
Sun, wind, and water dehydrate our skin. That's why using the proper sun care product to ensure sufficient protection while sunbathing is important. After a sun bath, irritated skin cells need an extra amount of moisture, which is included in after-sun lotions, for example. The longer skin can retain this moisture, the longer the tan will remain. Specific products, for example with the addition of vitamin E, also help the skin retain moisture and slow down the regeneration process. Aloe Vera, glycerine, urea, or hyaluronic acid are other, effective, hygroscopic agents that are highly suitable to maintain our skin. Such products can work miracles when used intensively as a spa treatment immediately for two or three weeks after the holiday.

Our skin needs lots of help from inside, as well. Therefore: drink lots of water to refill your internal moisture reservoirs. Juice spritzers or green tea are healthy alternatives and provide the organism with additional vitamins. Citrus fruits, pineapples, fresh salads, and vegetables are also valuable vitamin sources. Fruits and vegetables high in carotene, for example carrots, mangoes, apricots, bell peppers, spinach, broccoli, or tomatoes, stimulate the formation of pigments. Fish, nuts, and cocoa have a similar, positive effect on the skin.

Anyone wanting to keep their tan as long as possible should also stay away from hot baths, long showers, and chlorinated water for a while. All of these things dry the skin and enhance the release of skin cells. It's better to shower under lukewarm water, carefully blotting the body dry using a towel, and then using a rich body lotion. 

The beautiful summer tan will eventually fade despite the best of care. The new, lightweight self-tanners from a tube or an occasional, moderate visit at a tanning studio are the only things that will help when that happens.

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