Soehnle 160 Jahre

Listless from heat and completely exhausted

When the mercury column rises, the circulation often goes downhill. Humidity and heat are a discomfort for many people and cause gloomy moods and low performance despite summer time highs. With the correct measures you can gently get yourself going again.

Our bodies are pretty sensitive to heat. Nobody really stays cool at 40 degrees Celsius in the shade, not even completely healthy people. Sweat production has been in full swing for some time and busily creates maximum cooling effects via surface evaporation. If the body exceeds its own temperature of approximately 37 degrees Celsius despite all that effort, we quickly leave our comfort zone. Blood vessels dilate in the hope of emitting as much heat as possible. The consequence: the blood pressure drops severely and brings with it listlessness, headaches, nausea, and dizziness. An immediate problem for anyone with low blood pressure, which is the case among many young women. But even usually robust types can become unstable.

Two basic measures are recommended for prevention or as first aid in acute cases: Drinking fluids and resting. The majority of the human body consists of water, so we need lots of it. 1.5 litres per day are usually enough. However, 3 to 4 litres per day may be required on hot days; it is best to drink water or weak juice spritzers throughout the day. Important: your drink should not be too cold, because otherwise the body requires energy to warm the liquid up to body temperature. Alcohol should in general be avoided when it's hot because it dehydrates and stresses the organism even more. Refraining from coffee and black tea is also recommended. The stomach should not be overly stressed in general, which is why a light diet consisting of small portions of fruit, vegetables, and salads is recommended. 

The stressed body requires rest in every sense during hot spells. While physical movement stimulates the circulatory system, it should be done in the cooler morning or evening hours. Leisureliness is the motto during the hot midday hours. Switch down a gear, if you can, and get up a bit earlier in the morning to do necessary work.

Water helps not only from inside. If it gets too hot, then cooling forearm or foot baths are an effective means to reduce the body temperature back to a normal range. Wet towels on forehead or neck are also cooling and relaxing. Warm and cold showers strengthen the immune system and also exercise blood vessels while ensuring a quick removal of excess heat from the body. A few relaxed strokes in the water would be an optimum combination of cooling and movement. How about a quick trip to the outdoor pool or the lake at the end of the day?

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