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Piloxing: Pilates meets boxing

It comes from Hollywood. Kirsten Dunst and Hilary Duff do it. It's a torture but in the end we will finally have our dream figure. What is it? Piloxing – a mixed Pilates/boxing workout, right now the top trend in fitness studios. It's clear that the inventor Viveca Jensen, originally from Sweden but living in the US, is a Pilates trainer as well as an amateur boxer and professional dancer. It's all in the right combination …

Piloxing – what is it?
The most effective exercises from Pilates, which is already known to many, are combined with special exercise elements from boxing, with the addition of dance moves with music – the result is Piloxing: the new, totally trendy workout specifically for women.

In other words – a rather bare-bones scientific definition: Piloxing is a tough and sweat-inducing interval training that burns fat, builds muscles, exercises the cardiovascular system, and effectively shapes and tightens the body. What more could women want … ?

Which specific elements and training sessions are combined in Piloxing:

From Pilates. Elements from the Pilates program help build muscles – specifically small muscle groups – with chiefly static strength exercises. This is to specifically strengthen deep-seated muscles and improve overall body posture.

From boxing. Mobility, high-speed strength, balance training, and endurance are the boxing elements that are used in Piloxing. A type of boxing glove is worn during training, which is filled with 300 g of granules in order to increase muscle formation in arms and back even more.

From dancing. Dance moves supplement this exercise mix and are accompanied by special Piloxing music. These dance moves are to give the workout a feminine flair, improve the mood, and help persevere.

What does it do?
Piloxing burns up to 600 calories per hour. Anyone exercising regularly and with determination will strengthen nearly all muscles: abs, legs, glutes, and with the boxing component also the arms, back, and shoulder muscles – and will ideally reach the dream figure.

Great perspectives, but it's about much more. Viveca Jensen invented Piloxing particularly for women in order to specifically improve their mental strength in addition to their physical strength. It's not just about fitness; it's also about improving one's own body perception and self-confidence.

No pain, no gain … ? The motto that’s displayed in many boxing studios also applies specifically to Piloxing: it’s true torture, but if you want to have a brilliant Hollywood figure

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