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Short & sweet: quickie workouts

Time is limited, job deadlines are tight – conferences, meetings – it's similar in our daily life. We are used to planning our days by the minute and use the available time as effectively as possible. In doing so, sport, fitness, and thus our body often miss out – even though we had intended so much …

We should schedule some time for physical fitness even in stressful phases. It doesn't have to be a whole hour, even several shorter workout sessions throughout the day get the body moving and satisfy our need to move. Fitness studios have noticed this need and now also offer quickie workouts; but with a few special quick exercises it’s possible to increase your fitness in a few minutes even on the job or at home.

Current trend in fitness studios

“Short & sweet” – that could be a name for the current trend in fitness studios. The industry itself speaks of “quickie workouts”, which means: compact and effective strength training in relatively short periods of time. These offers address specifically those that can or want to do only small training sessions.

Circuit training
Back to the roots? Yes, the good old circuit training is back – but without medicine balls and musty, stale gym mats. The modern circuit training is a time-saving high-tech workout that quickly gets the whole body fit. Each exercise lasts only 30 to 45 seconds on various devices, then one moves to the next station. The complete circuit takes no more than 20 to 30 minutes.

Short classes
Intensive short classes that exercise only one specific body area in 15 to 30 minutes are also very trendy. This is ideal for anyone wishing to work effectively in a short period of time and seeing success quickly: Choose, e.g. between upper body, lower body, or abs pure, or use relatively short training sessions to supplement your own workout.

Quickie workouts in everyday life
Short relaxation exercises and effective fitness training can be done very simply, without workout program and without expensive devices – quickie workouts for on the go:

Never again tense: A few minor stretching and flexing exercises ensure supple neck and back muscles. And: A straight body posture at the desk adds healthy tension throughout the body.

At home/housework
Squats with a full laundry basket or several peppy “vacuum cleaner moves” can do wonders – if done regularly.

Don't lie on the sofa for hours without moving, there are other ways: Simply tighten and relax your buttock muscles during your favourite TV show – or do a few fitness exercises on the living room rug during commercial breaks …

A wise realization of the Roman philosopher Seneca, which you could pin to your PC: “It’s not that we have so little time but that we lose so much.”

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