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SoulCycle – party mood on pedals

Indoor cycling in a fitness studio or at home is well known. The concept of SoulCycle, however, goes beyond pure cycling with its well-known positive health benefits: Fun and our soul also don't miss out.

Like most sport trends, SoulCycle also originates in the US – New York, to be precise, the paradise of sports enthusiasts and health-conscious people. Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler founded the innovative cycling event "SoulCycle" based on the belief that efficient endurance training is closely connected to a feeling of well-being and a good mood.

Colourful indoor cycles, scented candles, dimmed lights, energetic music from loudspeakers: At first glance the exercise rooms seem more like a spiritual wellness oasis than an exercise studio. The special atmosphere somehow conveys an exclusive life style, despite the sweaty group exercise. Similar to aerobic exercise, the exercise is presented by intensively trained professionals who motivate and set the pace energetically. Using the stimulating words at just the right time, varying and adjusting the rhythm is very important.

Part dance party, part therapy

Various exercises with light weights are also performed on the cycles. One nearly dances to the rhythm of the music while on the bicycle, burns body fat, and shapes the body. The group workout is not only good for abs, legs, and glutes but also for the heart. A perfect cardio exercise on the one hand, soothing for the soul on the other hand. Power music and pedalling lets worries vanish quickly, the mind sharpens. 

The result is more than just physical: Participants leave the studio with more self-esteem, more courage, and more energy. The concept of SoulCycle blossomed with the idea of an exercise as "not exercise" and – as described by the renowned New York Times – "part dance party, part therapy" follows the modern trend to let off steam in an athletic group setting with a high fun factor. There are now 25 studios in the US, and 60 new openings globally are planned this year. 

Even if it's not inexpensive, the loyal and somewhat euphoric fans are convinced: SoulCycle changes not only your body but your whole life.

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