Soehnle 160 Jahre

To your bands, get set, GO!

Small, lightweight, portable, and mega-effective: TRX bands are the new favourites of the fitness scene. They provide a whole body workout using only your own body weight, which exercises all muscle groups in record time and improves performance quickly.

Suspension training is the name of the trend coming from the US, which has now solidly established itself in every fitness centre. No wonder, because it's a whole body workout of the finest kind, so to speak, presenting itself as a total body solution. TRX bands use gravity and one's own body weight while affecting strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and core stability. Endurance is exercised intensively and connective tissue is strengthened. 

The incredible training tool weighs barely one kilogram and consists of non-elastic ropes and straps that can be attached to ceilings, walls, or even doors in various ways. Loops are attached to the ends of the bands to hold hands or feet, which creates a shaky base with excellent effects on deep torso muscles (core). 

Hundreds of different exercises can be done while standing up, lying down, leaning, or hanging; potential for increased difficulty levels included. Very slight variations of a position already suffice to turn a beginner's exercise into a sophisticated unit for professional athletes. Because the further apart the straps are, the more difficult the exercise becomes. Other fitness tools, for example dumbbells, Thera-bands, or Kettlebells can also be combined effortlessly. Very few exercises and 20 minutes are already enough to complete a high-intensity, whole-body workout. It becomes clear that it has become an integral part of general fitness, competitive sports, and even therapy.

TRX bands are also an optimal training tool at home: rolled into a very small ball it requires little space, can be stored quickly, and needs only approximately 2 square metres of space when used. Reasonable devices are available at special retailers for around 300 Euros. 

This method was invented by a former elite soldier of the US Marines, who sought an exercise option that could also be used in the field. This alone already seems to be a guarantee for effectiveness. US Navy Seals are, after all, world-famous for their fitness.

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