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Trampoline - healthy and slim with jumping

Get going on a mini trampoline and the fun joins in. An optimum fitness option for your health, while you burn calories easily and effectively.

Such a mini trampoline is a great thing, even if it has very little in common with the Olympic discipline of the same name. With a size of approximately one metre it is purely an exercise machine that is a pleasure to use and brings many benefits.

A look at a trampoline alone brings forth pleasant childhood memories of boisterous moods and images of circus acrobats, which makes stepping on the fabric a relaxing and stimulating experience. At first glance you wouldn't even think that it is very hard work. Nearly all of the 600 muscles of a human body are used while jumping. This is astonishing when you consider that many of these are habitually underused in everyday life. 

Ideal whole-body training
The up and down not only boosts your mood but also your complete organism. The healthy interchange of tension and relaxation has a positive effect on every cell of our body. The exercises massage muscles, tendons, and ligaments, tighten the complete body and strengthen the bones. Not only this - joints are also treated with care thanks to the cushioning. But: As wonderful as the incomparable feeling of freedom and flight is – total focus is mandatory. You must, after all, be in control of the available space. This also exercises coordination and equilibrium. The activated metabolism ensures an accelerated energy consumption, which is ideal for all those wishing to lose weight effectively. 

Complete your cardiovascular training with frolicsome rocking, jumping, and swinging. The result is a boost of your endurance and you burn significantly more calories than with a common round of jogging. Anyone wanting to easily loosen tension and prevent back aches also has great options on the trampoline. To do this, simply let your arms hang loose and start to swing gently. This extremely pleasant exercise has a guaranteed effect.

Focus on quality!
A workout on the trampoline can be done comfortably at home – pay attention to sufficient ceiling height! It takes up very little space in your own four walls if it is stored vertically. For safety reasons it's important that you focus on quality in your purchase. Fitness studios also offer training and classes, where you may possibly even dare more advanced exercises with additional devices or variations, e. g. "jumping fitness" with handles, which originates in the Czech Republic. If you don't want to go quite so high you may try the more gentle version "Balance Swing", where you keep in constant contact with the trampoline mat. 

However and wherever: Everyone will find happiness on a mini trampoline in their own way, and bring their health as well as their outline into shape! In case of back or knee problems or weak joints, however, you should first talk with your doctor no matter which option you choose. 

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