Soehnle 160 Jahre

Completely relaxed through the holidays

The weeks prior to and the days around the holiday of love should be contemplative and calm. But for many, this time is characterized by stress and deadline pressure, expectations and disappointments. We have some suggestions on how you can experience the “most wonderful time of the year“ with calmness and inner peace.

Baking cookies, buying presents, decorating the home, running from one Christmas party to the next, ordering the goose, and visiting relatives – this, or something very like it, is a schedule of the coming weeks for many families. Christmas has become a social event, for which one must do many things. Even though everyone knows – or at least everyone should know – that the spirit of Christmas is about something else. From a Christian view we are celebrating the birth of Christ. The holidays can offer a wonderful opportunity for inner contemplation and spending wonderful, happy and joyful hours with your loved ones, even aside from this religious meaning.


The focus on the basics is often hidden by undue expectations that sometimes are being bitterly disappointed. The intensive efforts of Advent oftentimes end in complete exhaustion underneath the Christmas tree. 
Reduce your expectations of others – and of yourself – down to a healthy level. You don’t have to present a five star, five course menu on Christmas eve; and the decoration also doesn’t have to live up to a photo op for a lifestyle magazine. What’s important is your mood, because it is transmitted to your surroundings. Perfectionism is only an obstacle.


Good planning, relaxing celebrations
Sensible, timely, and realistic planning ensures that you use your time and your money sensibly. Get the necessary presents early on and be prudent. A present that has been given much thought, has been selected with love, is still worth more than an expensive item hurriedly bought at the last minute. How about if you agree not to give any gifts at all, but maybe make a donation instead? Can you already feel less weight on your shoulders?


Choose your Advent invitations and Christmas party dates with care. What is truly important to you? Nobody must be everywhere. Instead, take some time for yourself and sit down in a comfortable chair, with a good book, and a cup of tea. If you indulge yourself with small pauses, you’ll handle turbulent times much easier.


Discuss your wishes for the Christmas season with your loved ones and delegate some tasks. This way, everyone is involved and feels responsible for a successful event. If everyone feels thought of, the feeling of community will be strengthened and the pleasure of togetherness comes of its own volition. And then we will get what everyone wishes for: a Merry Christmas!


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