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Floating - Regeneration while floating

A bath in a floatation tank can counter exhaustion as well as stress dramatically while also alleviating pain. In any case it is a very special mind-expanding wellness experience for an improved awareness of life.

While floatation is not new it is clearly something special. The US neurophysiologist John Lilly developed a special tank in the 1950s to research the brain's reaction to a complete absence of stimuli on behalf of the government. Initially thought to be a curiosity, he was able to verify the extraordinarily pleasant and positive effects of isolation on the human body over several decades, which have now also been scientifically proven worldwide.
An enclosed floatation tank seems unusual; after all it has certain similarities to a UFO or a giant egg. But a use of this cocoon-like object is more relaxing than most other wellness programs. The tank is filled with a highly concentrated saline solution that carries the body on the water like a cork. A feeling that conveys complete weightlessness. The saline solution does not cause skin swelling but keeps the skin soft and supple. The pleasant solitude of the enclosed capsule shuts out all environmental impulses and stimuli, awareness is isolated from all sensory perception. Body and mind – released from all burdens – are on the way to complete silence.

Effortlessly toward deep relaxation

This is how the fascinating effect starts: The water and air temperature, which at 34.8° C corresponds to our skin temperature, no longer lets us perceive hot or cold. The sensory boundary vanishes. The body no longer needs to expend energy to balance temperatures. Floating in the water without pressure points from laying down also relaxes all muscles simultaneously; it relieves bones and organs; the feeling of time vanishes; the volume of stress hormones is reduced and blood pressure also drops. Our subconsciousness reacts in various ways in this absolute, meditative silence: Dream sequences pass; colours, lights and noises are sensed; images glide by – anything is possible. It is exactly this state of consciousness that leads to complete, absolute, pleasant, deep relaxation.
According to years of research, the beneficial and alleviating effects on the body are also one of the reasons why floating is now used by hospitals and medical offices as a supportive treatment for convalescence, pain relief, orthopaedic pain, or for depression. 

Research of floating has not shown a single negative effect. A Swedish psychologist even declared that floating in a very short period of time results in a mind-altering effect that is similar to the effect of years of meditation.

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