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Foot reflexology alleviates and stimulates

If there is something wrong in the body, the foot is a fairly precise indicator for the location of the problem, because the soles of both feet mirror the complete body and all organs. A massage of the corresponding reflex zones in the feet can achieve astonishing successes for relief and even healing.

Like many other alternative healing methods, foot reflexology originates in Asia. It has been used successfully for thousands of years in China and India, and similar therapies have been used even in Japan and Egypt. American and German doctors and therapists eventually added this therapy to Western medicine.

The foundation of this therapy is the classification of the sole of the foot into various reflex zones. The nerve endings of a specific organ converge in each individual reflex zone. Whether the function of a body part or organ is weakened or whether a disease exists can be determined with a simple pressure diagnosis. In that case, pressure on the specific point generates more or less pain. That is to say that organs and reflex zones interplay permanently. The pain upon pressure is caused by a circulatory problem and corresponding deposits of toxins in the foot or in the respective zone. Conversely, this also prevents the proper circulation of the organ itself and subsequently restricts its function.

The gentle pressure point massage of the affected area on the sole of the feet has a stimulating effect on nerve pathways, which also increases circulation in the foot as well as in the corresponding organ. According to Far Eastern teachings, this improves the flow of life energy (Qi) in the individual meridians, which causes relaxation and stimulates the self-healing powers of the human body. Pent-up energies can flow again, pain is relieved, and even the causes for the symptoms can be combated. 

Beside the generally pleasant and relaxing effect, foot reflexology for many people is a welcome alternative for conventional pain therapy using synthetic medication. The therapeutic effect has long been proven by experts, has in the meantime also been verified by diverse studies, and is now very well received in particular by people with chronic pain. 

Many doctors successfully integrate foot reflexology into their therapy concept, e.g. for migraines, tension, digestive disorders, sleep disorders, or all kinds of arthritis, and even for cancer patients or patients with chronic pain or anxiety. 

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