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Healthy and slim through the power of the sea

It heals, strengthens the immune system, purifies and detoxes – experts are of the opinion that a thalassotherapy treatment is the “queen” among wellness treatments. Beside its purely therapeutic effect on many disease symptoms, it also gains importance when it comes to improving well-being and strengthening health.

Thalasso is from the Greek word "thalassa" meaning "sea". Hippocrates, the great physician of the Greek antiquity, already knew of the healing power of algae, mud, and sea water. The first publications of English and French physicians appeared at the end of the 18th century, and thalassotherapy gained its fame more than 40 years ago, when the rich and beautiful of the 1960s where treated with algae, mud, and minerals at the French Atlantic coast and thus got the ball rolling for wellness. Today, France and Tunisia are the largest providers of Thalassotherapy. The largest centre in Germany is located in Norderney.

The products of the sea have incredible potential. They contain trace elements, vitamins, proteins, minerals, and amino acids and develop their diverse, pleasant effects through the skin and airways. Thalassotherapy treatments are particularly effective when done directly at the waterfront, where the typical stimulating climate affects the complete organism and where skin and lungs can benefit from the fresh sea air. The treatments with the concentrated active ingredients stimulate the circulation, tighten the connective tissue, strengthen muscles and bones, and activate not only the immune system but the overall organ system. Therefore, a medical exam is highly recommended before a thalassotherapy treatment, which usually lasts about one week. 

Beside a classic treatment, individual applications using products from the sea are also very effective. They are also offered by many spas in inland regions far away from any coastline in the form of dried algae and sea salt products. These treatments are used successfully specifically in the area of anti-aging and revitalisation. Peelings, massages, algae and mud packs boost cell renewal, purify and detox, and ensure soft skin and firm connective tissue. The treatment can also be supported internally with algae tea or various foods, for example algae salad. It's the right program for a springtime makeover.

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