Soehnle 160 Jahre

Holiday from the start

Whether it's two weeks in the Caribbean or a short trip to London: low-cost flights give unlimited freedom. Yet one must limit oneself above the clouds in this one thing: one’s luggage.

Traveling would be even more relaxing if it wasn't for packing. Packing the right way is clearly an art that provides relaxation on every trip right from the start – if you have mastered the art. Lightweight luggage is much more comfortable to handle and saves unwanted costs: many airlines now demand steep surcharges for excess luggage.

Suitcases, bags, and backpacks must not exceed a specified weight. That's already a problem even before departure – and it'll be even trickier at the end of your holiday as souvenirs and fashion bargains tempt you along the way.  

Manageable luggage clearly demands good planning. After all, you don't want to miss anything important during your holiday and still leave a little bit of space in the suitcase. A checklist with everything that's definitely needed will serve you well and avoid the need to buy replacements at the destination. 

Master packers start by lining the suitcase with tissue paper, which – when placed in between delicate pieces – chiefly protects clothing and reduces ugly wrinkles.
Now everything depends on the right system: start with the heavy items. It's best to pack shoes into a cloth bag and cosmetics into plastic bags in order to protect the contents of your suitcase from possible leaks. Pants are placed across the complete length of the suitcase, starting at the waistline. The pant legs remain on the outside for now. Other pants are offset and layered into the suitcase in this same manner. This is followed by unfolded shirts and blouses, which are only folded at the naturally occurring folds like elbows and shoulders. Now we tackle the pant legs, which are being folded over the shirts and blouses to provide additional protection. Skirts, jackets, and dresses are placed on top of this. Delicate items should be turned inside out. The sides and any holes along the edge can now be filled with smaller, sturdier items, for example rolled-up belts. 

Got everything in there? The lid closes easily? The moment of truth will come, not only for airline passengers. A convenient luggage scale is recommended to find out whether the weight of the suitcase is within the allowed range while you're still at home. To do this, a hook is used to simply hang the luggage from the scale and then it is lifted up. Such a luggage scale is so small and lightweight it can even be inserted into a free gap in the suitcase. After all, the luggage weight must again be observed on the way back home.  

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