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How to avoid draughts and relieve discomfort

When spring tempts us with its gentle warmth, then jackets and coats are often too warm. After the long winter months we long for fresh air and readily open our windows. But be careful of draughts – they can have painful consequences!

All of a sudden there’s a dragging pain in the neck, the shoulders, or the back. Every movement is painful and a torture. Who doesn’t know them – these extremely uncomfortable problems that come from staying in draughts. No doubt about it – draughty air bothers many people and can cause a whole series of health problems. The symptoms triggered by one body part’s continuous exposure to cold can range from muscle and joint pain to conjunctivitis: vessels and muscles contract due to the cold; tension increases and the nerve endings in the skin become irritated. The neck, where the known problems often appear, is particularly vulnerable.

Protect yourself!
Warm spring air tempts toward more light-weight clothing and open windows. Both cause the body to cool off faster and therefore become more sensitive. Yet if we are dressed too warmly, then we sweat faster and are tempted to take one piece of clothing off. Often, draughts are then even deemed to be rather pleasant. If possible, one should protect oneself against the possible risks of draughty air, just to be on the safe side; draughts can never be completely avoided. A light scarf or a pullover draped over neck and shoulders may help so that the skin does not cool off too much. Forego continuous draughts with a tilted window and do not let yourself be fooled by seemingly warm temperatures.

What to do when it hurts?
When draughty air causes nerve and muscle pain, then the addition of heat is a natural instinct. We instinctively place something warm around the affected area to relieve discomfort; and this is truly the most effective therapy. Heat improves blood circulation, relaxes tense muscles, and relieves nerve tracts. The heat stimulus also interferes with the pain stimulus, and therefore reduces the sensation of pain. New, special heat pillows designed specifically for the neck or back promise particularly helpful support. Due to their shape they easily adjust to the body’s contours, are easy to use, and can easily be integrated into daily activities; a perfect, quick solution for effective relief.

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