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Just for myself: A wellness day at home

The job is stressful right now, the winter is wet and cold, the last holiday was some time ago and the next sauna is a long way to go. Enjoy a wellness day – just for yourself. Turn your bathroom into an oasis of wellness, create a sensually relaxing atmosphere with sandalwood fragrances, essential oil in the bath water, flickering candle light, and gentle music – perfect …

… but first you need to switch off. Start your day – it truly should be a full day – comfortably in a coffee shop with a large latte or tasty latte macchiato. Drift around and do only those things that you really feel like doing: stroll through stores for hours on end, look for offbeat clothing, or try on the hottest shoes …

Then start your very personal pampering program: a wellness day at home with everything that goes along with it. A feast for the senses that will pamper your body and your soul. The bathroom becomes an oasis of wellness, because bathing not only relaxes the muscles, but an aromatherapy bath can affect our mood relatively strongly - depending on the fragrance it can be stimulating, sensual, or relaxing. There is a reason why ancient Romans spent a good part of their social life in thermal baths.

To be successful: Tips for a perfect wellness day

Feeling well means bewitching as many of your senses as possible: stimulating fragrances, hot aromatherapy bath, pleasant oils and lotions, atmospheric music – allow yourself to be whisked away for a few hours into the world of Arabian Nights. A few tips for the perfect relaxation event:

Woody and fruity fragrances as well as refreshing components like cucumber and mint are currently very popular. The fragrance of roses or vanilla is particularly sensual. Spicy sandalwood or essential lavender, on the other hand, ensure restful sleep.

Aromatherapy baths

Sea bath. Simply add a pound of sea salt to the bath water – it cleanses, has an anti-inflammatory effect, and removes impurities from the skin. Careful, very intensive – a bath should not last longer than 15 minutes.

Milk bath. Mix one litre of milk, four tablespoons of honey and three tablespoons of Jojoba oil, then add this to the bath water – helps against dry skin.

Foot bath. Add ten drops each of lemon and lavender oil, as well as three tablespoons heavy cream to a bowl of warm water, then soak your feet for fifteen minutes.

Body care
Surely you have been using your very personal body care products for many years. Cover yourself in your favourite body lotion, wrap yourself into your bathrobe, and find a comfortable place to sit. Then close your eyes, inhale deeply, and with every exhale feel the stress leave your body, bit by bit. Now two more extraordinary tips from the wellness experts at

Raspberry mask. Use a fork to mash a hand full of raspberries, add a tablespoon of honey and stir the mixture until smooth. Apply the mixture evenly but avoid eye and lip areas.

Banana/papaya peeling. Chop one banana and three tablespoons of papaya flesh, add two tablespoons of honey and sugar each, then apply the paste in a circular motion to face, throat, and neckline. A wonderful feeling …

This applies to every wellness day: You are the focal point – you and your wishes. Design this day and your environment so that you feel completely comfortable, that’s the best way to relax. Maybe you enjoyed this day so much that you will make a date with your lotion and powder jars every week …

CD Tip

Healing Harmony – The Best of Merlin's Magic

Dozing off in the bathtub with aromatic, fragrant oils, dreaming gently, and listening to harmonious, atmospheric music as a calming background for complete relaxation. The CD “Healing Harmony” is a sampler of the composer and musician Andreas Mock, with many guest musicians from all around the world.

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