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”Schweinskopf al dente“ by Rita Falk
(“Hog’s Head al Dente“)


A bloody hog’s head in the bed of Judge Moratschek brings Franz Eberhofer onto the trail of a dangerous psychopath. Hannibal Lecter is nothing compared to Dr. Küstner, who’s doing his rounds in Niederkaltenkirchen. With lots of humor and a great power of observation, Rita Falk tells a fast-paced, funny, and suspenseful story in a wonderful Bavarian dialect.


»Gross, that thing with the hog’s head in the bed of Judge Moratschek. "It’s the Godfather“, says Moratschek and scares me to death. “What Godfather?“ I ask. “Well, the one from TV. The one with Corleone, Marlon Brando, you know." "But that was a horse’s head.“ “Horse’s head….hog’s head…what does it matter, It’s grim.“ “In particular for the pig.“«
Excerpt from ›Hog’s Head al Dente‹


It’s now the third case for the former Munich policeman, whose transfer to his native town in lower Bavaria was the result of disciplinary action–and Rita Falk in her provincial detective series about town policeman Franz Eberhofer, which has conquered the hearts of her readers, tells the story with affectionate eccentricity. Her books are amusing, ingenious entertainment of the best reading.


”Schweinskopf al dente“ (“Hog’s Head al Dente“)
Author: Rita Falk
Publisher: DTV Premium
240 pages
ISBN 978-3-423-24892-1