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Slow down. Detox. Purify

Let’s start with the sabre tooth tiger from the Stone Age: Back then, humans were constantly exposed to dangers; they were always on the run, they were always stressed. Stress is a natural reaction of our body; if we are in a risky situation our body releases hormones like adrenaline, dopamine, and cortisol.

These hormones release energy reserves in order to prepare the body for flight or a fight. Luckily, those times have passed but stress has remained, whether on the job or in daily life. Yet we can no longer reduce the released stress hormones as quickly as we used to, because we don’t get enough physical exercise. The result: The heart beats like crazy, blood pressure increases, we are tense, we have sleep disorders, and we get sick over the long term – physically and mentally.

Slow down – simply switch off
How can we get rid of stress and thus the illness-causing hormones? The motto is “slow down” or the buzzword “digital detox”, even though both terms are neither new nor revolutionary. Treating oneself to some time out, some relaxation, time to switch off – mentally as well as digitally – that’s nothing new. Ancient relaxation techniques like yoga or autogenic training propagate tranquillity as a source of renewed vitality. And the traditional Japanese tea ceremony is deemed to be a symbol of relaxation and tranquillity par excellence even in the West. But “slow down” is more than mere relaxation …

Tea – detoxifying and purifying.
“Let’s wait and see” is a well-known slogan – waiting while ritually preparing tea, the fragrance when brewing tea, and the time taken to enjoy the beverage – all of this leads to relaxation and pleasant slowing down. The author of the wellspa portal (see web link) recommends a tea made from a very special mixture of herbs: 

Birch leaves – very beneficial for the liver and thus detoxifying, purifying, and cleansing.
Bean pods – anti-convulsing and relaxing effect.
St. John’s Wort – calming, relaxing, and warming from the inside.
Lemongrass – refreshing as a source of vitality.
Nettle leaves – detoxifying and purifying.
Ginkgo leaves and mistletoe –  the anti-oxidative effect is like a fountain of youth.

Relaxation and slowing down- how?
We can start with very simple means and it usually doesn’t cost much – just some time. The most important thing is that we listen to our body, to our core. Some tips that anyone can easily implement:

Reduce stress. Yoga, autogenic training, or progressive muscle relaxation, breath therapy, massages, or wellness – everything helps to reduce stress.

Endurance exercise. Jogging, bicycling, swimming, and other endurance sports are optimally suited to quickly get rid of tension and stress hormones.

Improve self-protection. Learn to say no, refuse to always be driven by others, simply do nothing and be lazy – without feeling guilty; just leave a few hours unscheduled in your appointment book – even in your private life.

Learn to enjoy. Take some time out and consciously enjoy yourself: Relaxing baths, sauna, taking a walk – rewarding yourself creates intensive moments of relaxation and recovery.

Conclusion: If you allow yourself time to slow down you will not only enjoy tranquillity and relaxation but will also detoxify and purify your cells, organs, and your whole body.

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