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The positive power of flowers

The sight of fresh, colourful flowers has a wonderful effect, not only after long, grey, winter months. They give joy, new energy, and add vitality and fullness to our lives. Treat your home and yourself to a makeover with tender spring flowers and young greenery.

Sad but true: at our latitudes we spend an average of 90 percent of our time in enclosed rooms. This is, essentially, against nature because a short walk in nature already has a healing effect on blood pressure, heart rhythm, and immune system. Even social relationships profit from a view of growing plants and budding flowers. In the wise art of Feng Shui they are even used for inner balance and to increase energy.

Humankind has known for a long time that flowers emanate a strengthening, emotional force. Archaeological finds have proven that our species has been breeding flowers for more than 5,000 years already – without any special purpose, just for pure enjoyment.

Modern scientists wanted to have more precise knowledge and tested human behaviour under the influence of flowers and plants. For example Nicolas Guégen, who researched this in connection with the success of men with women. He found that men had clearly better chances with females if they were in the vicinity of flower shops or in rooms decorated with plants. The success was virtually, directly measurable. It was even easier with a bunch of flowers in hand. A fact for which women surely would not have needed any scientific evidence.

Whether male or female – the effect is the same for all. Colours, shapes, as well as the scent of flowers put us in a good mood and immediately give rooms a more harmonious effect. Wonderful flower decorations are possible already with very little effort. Spring branches in a vase, for example, offer pretty surprises when tender buds form on knobbed branches. Maybe you will discover a beautiful magnolia, apple, or pear tree from which you may cut a few branches. What’s good to know, however, is that buds form in a vase only after there’s been frost outside.
While spring flowers are curled up outside in the garden or in pots on the balcony, flowering designs of tulips, narcissus, or hyacinths bring the newly awakened nature straight into the home. After they have faded, one can simply put them in the garden and enjoy them again the next year.

You can put flower bulbs into a nest made of twigs and brushwood. You will shortly be rewarded with a magical view of sprouting leaves and flowers in a natural setting. Beautiful on the window sill, as a table decoration or a small gift for dear friends.

By the way: cups or bowls from grandma’s attic, old bottles or baskets are also suitable planters or vases. Be creative and courageous; this way, with little effort, you will magically create an extraordinary room decoration that only you have.

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