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What to do against this wide-spread phenomenon?

Eight out of ten women suffer from it; even men are troubled by this problem. Cold feet are very uncomfortable, particularly in the winter, and can have diverse causes. With the right measures you will stay warm to the tip of your toes.

The cliché of icy cold feet in bed, which is chiefly a female problem, is widely spread. The reason for the gender imbalance when it comes to heat distribution in the foot region is the different heat balance between men and women. 40 percent of a man’s body weight is in general made up of muscles that produce heat while burning energy. While women do this as well, they have a lower energy print due to their lower body weight. A woman’s body is made up of only 23% muscles and usually weighs much less. In addition, women focus the rather scarce heat that their body produces toward the center of the body, where the most important organs are. Arms, legs, ears, and nose are being neglected, are supplied with less blood, and stay cooler. And blood vessels also constrict in these areas, which further reduces the transportation of heat. Low blood pressure, which is common among women, increases the problem. And as we all know: if your feet are cold, your whole body feels chilled.


Therefore, the blood circulation needs a jump-start. Physical activity, endurance training, and periodic sauna visits are just as appropriate as hot and cold showers or Kneipp treatments. But even a simple toe exercise increases the blood circulation and provides more warmth: spread your toes apart several times or let the soles of your feet circle across a studded ball, whose soft bumps stimulate blood vessels. You can also massage the area between your toes with your fingers and use a massage glove to massage legs and feet in a circular motion while showering.


Foot soaks warm up your body starting from your feet, which is well-proven particularly at night before going to sleep. Pre-mixed additives are available in your pharmacy, or use some of grandma’s treasured tips: mountain pine oil, or the juice of two lemons, one teaspoon of ground mustard seed or a few drops of cinnamon oil. An herbal mixture made of thyme and the leaves of walnut, bay, and ivy, mixed with two handfuls of salt and a tablespoon of baking soda is supposed to work miracles.


You can also do quite a bit internally to heat up your whole body. Ginger tea, for example, is a popular remedy that also strengthens your immune system. Cut ginger into thin slices and, if possible, use a mortar to crush them; the valuable essential oils will be even more effective. Then pour hot water over the ginger and let it steep. Drink it slowly to warm up more than just your feet.


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