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Motivated to achieve
the ideal weight

A healthy lifestyle requires reliable management

For many people, health, wellbeing and a related desire to achieve their ideal weight,
are among the most important goals in life. A balanced diet, the right amount
of exercise each day and a balance between rest and exertion form the basis for a
healthy lifestyle. Regular weight management is a helpful and motivating factor
in achieving and maintaining these personal goals.

Motiviert zum Idealgewicht Motiviert zum Idealgewicht
Diet Diet
Exercise Exercise
Rest Rest
Drinking Drinking
Sport Sport
Success Success
Maximum Control Maximum Control

Weight management is so easy!

As well as displaying the current weight, the Style Sense Multi 100 digital bathroom scales
also display the difference in weight from the previous weighing time,
indicated by coloured lights. "Green light" for weight loss. "Blue light" forweight gain.
If your weight remains unchanged, the display is white.
This provides motivation!!

Green display:
You have lost weight

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Blue display:
You have gained weight

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White display:
Your weight is unchanged.

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Design and function in perfect shape!

With its intelligent memory, the elegant scales automatically recognise
up to eight different users and display the weight precisely in 100g increments,
up to a maximum weight of 180kg. The thin design and the XXL flat surface
made from especially strong, extra-clear safety glass ensure
stability when standing.

LCD ANzeige

Illuminated extra-large
LCD display

Erkennt bis zu 8 Personen

Recognises up to
8 people

Sicherer Stand

XXL weighing surface
and thin design ensure stability when


Easy to use with its
sensor touch

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Our best for your success:

Style Sense Multi 100 bathroom scales

Show the change from your previous weight

Style Sense Multi 100
Style Sense Multi 100

Style Sense Multi 200 bathroom scales

Show the difference from your target weight

Style Sense Multi 200
Style Sense Multi 200

Style Sense Multi 300 bathroom scales

Easy additional weighing without the need to bend

Style Sense Multi 300
Style Sense Multi 300