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Airfresh Clean 300
air purifier –

healthy, clean ambient air

Dust, pollen, bacteria, gases – we can neither see nor smell what
we breathe in on a daily basis. And yet clean air is so important for our health:
especially if you suffer from allergies.


Airfresh Clean 300

Healthy and comfortable room climate

Airfresh Clean 300
filters and purifies your air

The Airfresh Clean 300 air purifier reliably removes numerous particles
such as house dust, pollen, bacteria, house dust mites, fine dust,
viruses and even unpleasant odours and gases. A connectible UVC light also
destroys further remaining germs in the filtered air.

Odours Odours
Pollen Pollen
Animal hair Animal hair
Dust mites Dust mites
Fine dust Fine dust
Dust Dust
Mould spores Mould spores
Bacteria Bacteria
volatile organic compounds volatile organic compounds
Viruses Viruses

Ideal for allergy sufferers

The allergy-friendliness of the product has been certified by the
European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF)


Functionality of the humidifier

1. Polluted air is sucked in
and larger dust particles and hair
are removed by the pre-filter

Functionality of the humidifier

Functionality of the humidifier

2. The high-quality EPA filter and activated
carbon filter remove pollen, bacteria, fine particles
and even odours from the air.

Functionality of the humidifier

Functionality of the humidifier

3. Additional removal of germs from the filtered
air with a connectible UVC light.

Functionality of the humidifier

Functionality of the humidifier

4. The clean air is blown back into
the room evenly, ensuring your home is filled
with hygienically purified air.

Functionality of the humidifier

Effective air purification
recommended for allergy sufferers

With its four-level filter system (pre-filter/EPA filter/activated carbon filter/UVC-Light)
the Soehnle Airfresh Clean 300 removes up to 99,2% of all particles greater than
3 µm (microns) from the air. Three power levels and a timer function
with a 2-, 4-, and 8-hour advance dial allow the duration and intensity of
air cleaning to be pre-set. The Airfresh Clean can even be used
in the bedroom, as in night mode, there are no lights showing on the device.
The filter change display ensures there is always constant, clean air.

Maximum flexibility

Maximum flexibility with 3 power levels

Night mode

Night mode
with lights off

Timer function

Timer function makes it possible to set the running time individually for 2, 4 or 8 hours

Removable filter

Removable filter with filter change display for constant clean air

Airfresh Clean 300 –
Technical Data

  • E11 filter class (filters up to 99.2 % of all particles
    greater than 3 μm)
  • Timer function (2, 4 and 8 hours) and sleep mode
  • Energy saving: 65 W
  • Suitable for rooms up to 44 m²*

  • *Calculated according to NRCC-54013; Suitable for larger rooms with longer runtime.

Healthy, pure air with
the Soehnle Airfresh products

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