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Dry room air is now a thing of the past! The new design air humidifiers by SOEHNLE provide a comfortable room climate that is full of freshness, all year long. AIRFRESH ensures gentle and even 360° air humidification through state of the art technology.

AIRFRESH PLUS also offers night-time mode and timer function for individually adjustable air humidification around the clock.

Persuades with price, performance, and great design. Equipped with state-of-the-art air humidifying technology to ensure a comfortable room climate.

The design air humidifier AIRFRESH Plus is individually adjustable due to its timer function and the convenient night-time mode.

Room fragrances with wellness character

With the room fragrances by SOEHNLE you will transform your environment into islands of fragrance for your senses. The right choice depends on your personal preference as well as the desired area of application. Whether rejuvenating or balancing – your wellbeing will thank you.

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