Soehnle 160 Jahre

Como – Portable USB Aroma Diffuser
Wellness fragrance at home and on the go

Mobiler Duftspender Soehnle Como White Mobiler Duftspender Soehnle Como Gold Mobiler Duftspender Soehnle Como Grey Can be used with all common USB ports

On the go with your favourite fragrance

– Portable fragrance for office, car, and on the go
– Discreet and continuous fragrance
– Can be used with all common USB ports
– A few drops of your favourite fragrance oil suffice
– Three modern, trendy metallic colours – white, grey, gold

A few drops of fragrance oil suffice

Soehnle fragrance oils Ideally suited for
use in portable aroma diffusers. Discover our
room fragrances with wellness character.

The portable USB aroma diffuser Como – wellness and wellbeing

Whether at home or on the go – the portable USB aroma diffuser Como by Soehnle provides pleasant and discreet fragrance for a comfortable atmosphere. It is available in three styles: metallic white, grey, and gold. Connected to the PC or laptop, the modern aroma diffuser ensures moments of relaxation while working at the desk. Fragrances are also helpful in your leisure time to help find inner balance. Wellness fragrance oils help grant us harmony and wellness.

Wellness on the go with the USB aroma diffuser

Thanks to its discreet fragrance it can be used inconspicuously for example at the office or on the train. Just take along your favourite fragrance and you will have your small oasis of wellness with you wherever you go. The USB aroma diffuser can be used with all commonly available USB ports to provide a pleasant ambiance in many situations.

Various fragrance oils at your whim

Fragrances influence our wellbeing and have many uses in aromatherapy. Fragrances have a relaxing, stimulating, or calming effect on our mind and improve our mood. There is a fragrance for nearly every mood. Just a few drops are enough to allow your favourite fragrance to unfold through the portable USB aroma diffuser. Floral, fruity, or spicy – the wellness fragrance oils by Soehnle are available in diverse scents. You can’t find your favourite fragrance? You can also use any other commercially available fragrance oil. Vanilla in the morning and Lavender in the evening to help you fall asleep? Select a new fragrance with which to fill your USB aroma diffuser by Soehnle each time.