Soehnle 160 Jahre
Chest Belt Connect 100 HR

Because of their long product names, Soehnle fitness trackers are displayed in Bluetooth menus as an abbreviation. These are:

  • Fit Connect 100: AT100
  • Fit Connect 200 HR: AT200
  • Fit Connect 300 HR: AT300
  • Chest Belt Connect 100 HR: CB100

When not in use, the chest belt is usually inactive, i.e. switched off. It becomes activated as soon as it is used and the contacts, which are in the arms of the device, make contact with the skin. This can only be controlled from the Soehnle Connect app or via linked sports watches that display your heart rate. To view your heart rate using the Soehnle Connect app, open the app, link the chest belt with the app while you are using it and tap the tile on the home screen (dashboard) to call up your real-time heart rate measurement. There you can see the functionality as well as the values.

You can only see the values live in the Soehnle Connect app. If the device was connected to your smartphone during the activity, the values can be checked in the app afterwards. The device itself does not store any values.

Yes, due to its proximity to the heart, the HR chest belt measures heart rate much more frequently and more accurately than a fitness tracker.

Yes, this is possible. The battery compartment is located on the back of the unit. It can easily be opened with a flat-tip screwdriver or coin and the battery exchanged.

The Chest Belt Connect 100 HR uses a CR2032 button cell. It comes standard with such a battery and is therefore immediately ready for use.

If you have a pacemaker, you should use the Chest Belt Connect 100 HR only after consultation with your attending doctor. Do not use the unit to check the frequency of your pacemaker.

If you suffer from arrhythmia or other cardiovascular diseases, please use the Chest Belt Connect 100 HR only in consultation with your attending doctor.

No, it is currently not possible to link the Chest Belt Connect 100 HR with fitness trackers. However, the device has a standardised 5.3 kHz radio frequency, which sends the data to sports watches or fitness machines with appropriate technology in the gym. We recommend that you use it with the Soehnle Connect app via a Bluetooth connection with your own smartphone.

The chest belt has no internal memory. Saving the data that has been gathered requires linking with the Soehnle Connect app. It is therefore recommended that you have your smartphone with you. If the data is not stored during use but only viewed, the device can alternatively also be linked via a standardised 5.3 kHz radio frequency with sports watches from other manufacturers or fitness machines with the appropriate technology in the gym.

The materials used for this product have been carefully tested for tolerance and potential allergens for relevant allergies, in particular nickel. The appropriate tests were passed.

The battery may be empty. Please exchange the battery. Please refer to the user manual of the device for instructions.

Real-time HR data can be used with the following apps:

  • Endomondo
  • Wahoo utility
  • Sportractive
  • Polar Beat
  • acentas HR Monitor
  • ANT+ Heart Rate Grapher
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