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Fit Connect 300 HR

See question: “The fitness tracker screen shows nothing.” 

The battery may be empty. Please try charging the device. Remove the strap from the USB port side and plug the device into an activated USB socket using the USB plug. Please ensure that the fitness tracker is connected correctly, otherwise it cannot be charged. The screen shows a charging symbol.

Please check whether you have switched on the screen by touching the smart touch screen. This unit’s screen will also turn on if you move your wrist quickly. For more details, please refer to the operating manual.

The trackers adopt the time and the date from the smartphone when linked for the first time (so-called onboarding), as well as with any subsequent synchronisation. Please check the date and time settings on your smartphone and link the fitness tracker to the smartphone.

Yes, the Fit Connect 300 HR can be worn while showering or swimming and is waterproof up to a depth of up to one meter. Likewise, washing your hands and sweating during an activity won’t damage it.

Please make sure that you plugged the USB connector the right way round into the USB port.  The USB connector is located on the casing of the device under the wristband. Remove the wristband from the USB port side. There is a sign on the bottom of the unit that shows on which side the USB port is located.
Please also check if the USB connector is activated, i.e. actually provides a charging current. You can do this by connecting another device and checking whether it receives power.

The power consumption of the device depends on the degree of activity or the frequency of measurements and the scope of the functions  Depending on the model, a device with activated HR measurement for example requires significantly more power than when the function is switched off.

Heart rate is determined through optical pulse measurement.

The time on the fitness tracker is automatically updated by the Soehnle Connect app every time you link them (synchronisation). The latter depends on the settings of the operating system of the smartphone that is used, which takes into account summer and winter time. It is not possible to set the time directly on the device without using the Soehnle Connect app.

It is not necessary to turn the device off.

The Fit Connect 300 HR displays a small intermittent box (cell phone symbol) when not connected. When the device is linked, this symbol goes off briefly on the screen.

Please check whether the HR measurement function is activated on the device. This can be seen by the illuminated or flashing green LED light at the bottom of the unit.  If it is disabled, turn on this function in the Soehnle Connect app in device settings (Main menu - My devices - Three-point menu on the right). It can take a few seconds for the device to find a pulse.
Check that the device is in the correct position on your wrist. It must be in close contact in order to facilitate measurement.
Please make sure that your skin is in direct contact with the device at the measuring point. Hairiness might affect functionality.

Please check if the Bluetooth function on your smartphone is activated. If not, activate Bluetooth on your phone.
If you have a Soehnle Fit Connect 200 HR, check if the Bluetooth function of the device is activated. Please refer to the user manual of the device for instructions.
Please check if the Bluetooth on your smartphone is at least version 4.0.  
Please check if the operating system of your smartphone is compatible with the products of the Soehnle Connect range. This means that the operating system of your smartphone must have version 4.4.4 or higher for phones with the Android operating system, or iOS 9 for Apple. 

It is possible that the device may interpret abrupt hand movements (for example, during driving, drumming etc.) as steps. However, this does not happen often and is of little importance with regard to the total number of recorded steps. These often concern recurring values, so that in particular the acquired data are well comparable over a period of time.

Yes, that is possible. The step size that was set up has an effect on the distance that is displayed. When you are jogging, your step size is often bigger than when walking, which can lead to deviations. You can change the step size stored in the device by changing the step size in the Soehnle Connect app in the user settings and linking the device with the app once. The new settings are then applied 

After changing the settings, make sure that you link the fitness tracker with the Soehnle Connect app again. The values should then be applied automatically. However, this is not displayed separately.

Changes to the device-specific settings in the Soehnle Connect app are only applied once the device has been linked again (synchronisation).

No, in principle you don't need to have a constant link with your smartphone to use the fitness tracker. All Soehnle fitness trackers have a memory that saves the collected data for a certain period of time. The memory size varies from device to device. Please refer to the user manual for the respective product.
However, to store your real-time HR data in the Fit Connect 200 HR, the device must be connected to the Soehnle Connect app. It is, however, also possible to read the current value without a smartphone.

Yes. Currently, the number of unanswered calls as well as missed text messages can be displayed. Texts actually transmitted by e-mail, WhatsApp or Facebook will be supported soon. In order to use this function, you must grant the app permission to use your contact data and call list when using the device for the first time.

In principle, the fitness tracker can be worn on any arm. In order to keep the number of counts that should not be allocated as steps small, however, it is best to wear the device on your non-dominant arm – on other words, right-handed people should wear the fitness tracker on the left arm and vice versa.
On Soehnle models where the text reads at right angles to your arm, this can be reversed in the device settings in the Soehnle Connect app, so that the data is always easiest to read (Main menu - My devices - Three-point icon on the right).

It is possible that hand movements made during driving or other activities are interpreted as steps. However, this does not happen often and is of little importance with regard to the total number of recorded steps. These often concern recurring values, so that in particular the acquired data are well comparable over a period of time.

Please open the Soehnle Connect app and remove the device from “My devices” (Main menu - My devices - Three-point icon on the right - Remove device). Then go to the Bluetooth menu on your smartphone and remove the device there. This menu is usually found under “Settings” -> “Bluetooth” in the operating system of your smartphone. To establish under which name your Soehnle fitness tracker is displayed in the Bluetooth menu, refer to “Bluetooth names of the Soehnle fitness tracker”). Then link the device again using the “Add device” function under “My devices”.
If it still does not work, check for updates for the operating system of your smartphone, perform an update and then try again.

A great deal of movement takes place during sleep. That is why computational interpretation and assignment to sleep and sleep phases can only be done with approximate precision. You may also sometime deviate from your actual sleep behaviour. However, over an extended period of time, the data is used very effectively for comparison.
In order to get the best possible sleep measurement, the Fit Connect fitness tracker should be worn on the wrist of your non-dominant arm, e.g. a right-handed person would wear it on the left arm and vice versa.

The interpretation of the waking phase – in the transition from awake to asleep – is particularly difficult to measure. Gaps in sleep recording therefore does not necessarily mean that you were consciously awake, but that you may have been sleeping particularly restlessly during that period.

In order to increase the accuracy of step measurement, we recommend that you wear the Fit Connect fitness tracker on the wrist of your non-dominant arm, e.g. if you are right-handed, you would wear it on the left arm and vice versa. Also, carrying items on the arm on which you wear your fitness tracker can affect the measurement.

The built-in motion sensor, which takes several axes into consideration during the measurement, perceives movements very sensitively and assigns the pattern of the movements according to a typical characteristic of a step.

The fit Connect 300 HR model has an automatic sleep detection function. There is no need to set this function manually.

If you have recently changed your smartphone or reinstalled or updated the Soehnle Connect app and you are currently using the app, enter the PIN CODE on your smartphone within 30 seconds. This is the specified time delay for entering the PIN CODE.
If you have not made any changes to your smartphone or the app, the app has not been updated automatically and you are not using the app, it might be that a device other than your own is trying to link with the fitness tracker. Although the device can be requested, no data from the fitness tracker can be exchanged by third parties, since you alone have the displayed PIN CODE. In this case, please move away from where you are or deactivate your phone’s Bluetooth function.

To transfer information about calls or messages from the smartphone to the fitness tracker requires authorisation.
The app usually requests this permission during installation. Depending on your operating system, this permission is also requested the first time you link your fitness tracker with your smartphone; you are either requested to tick this permission in the window where the 6-digit PIN code is requested, or in a separate request window (pop-up) that appears.
To grant this permission at a later date, remove the device from the app. For instructions, see “Deleting and linking the fitness tracker again”.

You can remove your fitness tracker from the app by selecting the device from the app under “Main Menu”, “My Devices”, then clicking the “Three- Point Menu” to the right of the device, and confirm. 

See question: “The fitness tracker screen shows nothing.” 

Like any other electrical device, the fitness tracker also emits heat during operation. This is no cause for concern. If you find the heat unpleasant, take the tracker off for a while.

No, all Soehnle fitness trackers are protected against moisture from the outside.

Yes, as with all battery- and power pack-operated electronic devices, the functionality of the fitness tracker can be considerably impaired by exposure to low temperatures. Please do not use the unit in ambient temperatures below zero degrees Celsius. Note: The temperature right against human skin is generally above zero degrees Celsius, even at low temperatures.

Yes, you can get a replacement wristband for this product from Soehnle Customer Service.

The green light is necessary for detecting your heart rate. You can disable this via the Soehnle Connect app. Go to “Main Menu” and select “My Devices”; there you go to the three-point icon to the right of the displayed Fit Connect 300 HR to adjust device settings.

The calorie consumption indicated on the fitness tracker is calculated from the steps recorded and the intensity of your activity. It only refers to calories consumed by activity. The calories already required by your body in a resting state are not taken into account here.

The calorie consumption displayed on the fitness tracker refers only to calories consumed by your activity. The calories required by your body in a resting state are not taken into account here. This gives you a direct assessment of the results you achieved through the activity. For an indication of your recommended daily calorie intake at your current body weight (daily requirement), please use the Soehnle Shape Sense Connect 100 or Shape Sense Connect 200 body analysis scale. 

The Soehnle fitness tracker should sit comfortably against your skin. This is particularly important for optimal HR measurement, if your device has this function. 

The tracker has a motion sensor that analyses motion patterns and uses it to calculate the number of steps.

The HR is the abbreviation for “heart rate” and refers to the function of heart rate measurement of the respective products.

Unless the unit is moved, the green LED light will switch off automatically after a while when you switch off the device. It is currently not possible to switch it off while you are wearing the device on your wrist. This function will soon be possible in the settings in the corresponding menu in the Soehnle Connect app.

No. It is not possible to measure floors or variations in height. However, your steps are also counted when you climb stairs.

The Bluetooth function cannot be deactivated. However, the device only uses this function when needed.

Every tracker is different with regard to the accuracy of its sensors, and in particular the quality of its interpretation of movements. This leads to deviations between the measurement results of different devices.

The materials used for this product have been carefully tested for tolerance and potential allergens for relevant allergies, in particular nickel. The appropriate tests were passed.

If the device has not yet been integrated in the Soehnle Connect app, the menu for entering the PIN CODE is called up again by dragging it down on the start screen of the app. The dialogue box for entering the PIN CODE is located in the background. It can usually be called up via the phone's status bar by pulling down from the top of the screen and calling up the information. The PIN CODE is displayed again on the screen of the fitness tracker.

If entire individual characters or areas of characters are missing in the display (pixel error), please contact Soehnle Customer Service.

No, at very high temperatures, such as in a sauna, the functioning and the housing of the device could be permanently damaged.

Please contact the airline to enquire about this before you start the flight. It is currently not possible to disable this function in this product.

The wristband of the Fit Connect 100 and Fit Connect 300 HR models can be replaced. It is currently available in black as an accessory from Customer Service.

When you link the fitness tracker with the app for the first time during the connection process (onboarding) and you cannot enter the PIN CODE displayed on the fitness tracker screen after you have selected the device, the device will not be linked or you will not be able to read any data from it.
Causes why the PIN CODE cannot be entered:

  • The PIN CODE was not displayed.
  • The PIN CODE was not entered correctly.
  • The PIN CODE was not entered at all.

In these cases, you will still be linked, but you will not be able to transfer and see new data.

The Soehnle Connect app will, after some time, ask the fitness tracker to display a new PIN CODE and trigger the corresponding dialogue box of the operating system. To find out how to call up this dialogue box again, see “How do I call up the dialogue to enter the PIN CODE?”.

Because of their long product names, Soehnle fitness trackers are displayed in Bluetooth menus as an abbreviation. These are:

  • Fit Connect 100: AT100
  • Fit Connect 200 HR: AT200
  • Fit Connect 300 HR: AT300
  • Chest Belt Connect 100 HR: CB100
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