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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Body Analysis Scales

Body Analysis Scales

Besides fundamental fluctuations in daily measurement values, fluctuations may also arise due to changes in the water content due to the consumption of food and liquids, menstruation, illness, exercise, and bathing.


Implausible results may occur among

  • persons with fever, edema, or osteoporosis
  • persons in dialysis treatment
  • persons taking cardiovascular medicines
  • pregnant women
  • athletes with intensive training exceeding 10 hours each week and a resting pulse rate of less than 60/min
  • professional athletes and body builders
  • youth under the age of 17
  • persons of the Asian and African population group.

It is certainly possible for the body fat measuring device to indicate different values. This is due to changes in your water balance in the course of a day. Changes to the body fat percentage take place very slowly as a rule - over a few days or weeks.

Body water means all water contained in all body fluids. All cells require water to fulfil their functions optimally. Sufficient body water content enables better cell regeneration and optimizes blood plasma. The body water content commonly fluctuates during the course of the day due to meals, physical activity, or illness. A higher body fat content automatically causes lower body water content, as fat-unlike muscles-cannot store water. Already 1% less body water can cause a 10% reduction in performance. More precise information regarding the body water content is best obtained based on long-term monitoring, for example with the help of a bloody analysis scale.

Muscles hold a central role in our life. Next to the liver, they are the most important organ for our metabolism because they transform calories into energy and are an important storage facility for water. Targeted exercise with corresponding muscle growth will influence the body’s metabolism, sugar and hormone balance positively. Muscles don’t just get us in shape - they burn calories even in a resting phase. And they also shape our body positively. Everyday stress will have no effect on a strong person that feels beautiful.

So – use your SOEHNLE Body Balance Body Analysis scale regularly to check the shape of your muscles.

Calorie consumption (basic metabolic rate, BMR) is the amount of calories burned by the body while in resting phase. This calorie consumption increases with more muscle mass - regardless of physical activity. In order to lose weight (as fat), the body must digest less calories than it burns. Of course, physical activity will increase calorie consumption. A SOEHNLE Body Balance Body Analysis scale will display your personal energy consumption.

You will be able to create your own, individual diet and exercise program in order to maintain or achieve your personal ideal weight.

The athlete mode uses different settings to precisely measure body values of very active athletes; different body structures of more or less athletic persons are therefore taken into consideration.

The reliable long-term control of your body weight, your body water and body fat, as well as your muscle mass, is directly connected to your well-being and fitness level.

With the new SOEHNLE long-term body analysis and the enhanced Multi-Frequency Measuring technology, it is possible to compile data for a duration of up to 30 months.

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