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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) -
Shape Sense Connect 200

Shape Sense Connect 200

The buttons on the scale are blocked while someone is standing on it in order to prevent faulty input. To select the memory location, first step off the scale and then confirm the correct location by following the operating instructions.

Please exchange the batteries. 

You may have deleted the memory location (user). Please create a new memory location. You can do this in one of two ways. You can create a new user directly on the scale. Please refer to the user manual for your scale. You can also create a new user using the Soehnle Connect app. To do so, go to the main menu of the app (top left) and select “My devices”. If your Soehnle Connect bathroom scale is still displayed in the app, please remove the device from the list. To do this, select the three dots to the right of the device name to access the menu. Afterwards, or if no Connect bathroom scale was linked, link your scale by clicking on “Add device”. Follow the process, during which you can also select the memory location to log in a user. 

After the weight is recorded, the scale indicates several memory locations (e.g. P1 and P2) for user recognition. All the possible memory locations are displayed one after the other. Please select or confirm the relevant person assignment with the buttons on the scale as instructed by the user manual.

You have several options to set up new memory locations/users. You can make an allocation directly on the scale following the operating instructions. Once you have linked the scale with the smartphone for the first time and you use it with the Soehnle Connect app, you must select the memory location/user that is set on the scale at the appropriate point during the connection. This may be indicated as “occupied”, since you had already occupied it on the scale.

  1. Please check if the scale is switched on and Bluetooth is activated on the smartphone.
  2. Please check if the Bluetooth symbol is continuously lit on the scale. If yes, the scale is either already linked with your smartphone, or it is linked with another smartphone, which is why you cannot link the scale with your smartphone.
  3. Please check if the operating system of your smartphone is compatible with the products of the Soehnle Connect range. This means that the operating system of your smartphone must have version 4.4.4 or higher for phones with the Android operating system, or iOS 9 for Apple.
  4. Please check if the Bluetooth on your smartphone is at least version 4.0. 

If the Soehnle Connect scale has been successfully linked with the app, it will appear in the app under “My devices”.

Body analysis scales with bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA measurement) should not be used during pregnancy, since possible effects on the unborn child have not yet been scientifically analysed. In addition, the percentage of water in a pregnant woman’s body during pregnancy would result in non-meaningful results. This applies to Soehnle Shape Sense Connect 100 and Soehnle Shape Sense Connect 200. The Soehnle Style Sense Connect 100 scale can be used as a bathroom scale for just weighing without concern.

Most common cause:
check that the Soehnle Connect scale can link with your smartphone. The scale must be switched on. Tap the scale briefly with your foot to turn it on. 

ensure that the Connect scale is correctly linked with the smartphone. If you have never used the scale with the Soehnle Connect app, see “First linking of the Soehnle Connect scale with the Soehnle Connect app”. Open the Soehnle Connect app and check your scale in the app under “Main Menu” and “My Devices”. If this is the case, turn on your scale by briefly stepping onto the weighing surface. The Bluetooth symbol on the screen of the scale starts flashing. Make sure that Bluetooth is activated on your smartphone (this is usually prompted by the Soehnle app at start-up). The app will now link with the scale via the smartphone. The Bluetooth symbol on the scale lights up permanently and a link is established. On the main screen (Dashboard) of the Soehnle Connect app, tap anywhere on the display, hold down and drag Pull to Refresh to update the data and transfer data from the Connect scale.

People with electrically powered implants, e.g. a pacemaker, must not use body analysis scales with BIA measuring technology.

This is the Bluetooth sign; when it is flashing, it indicates that the scale is ready to link with the Soehnle Connect app via Bluetooth technology.

Body weight is not constant and varies depending on the time of day you weigh yourself and how much you have had to eat and drink. Despite precise measuring methods, technological deviations due to the general measurement tolerance as well as an unfavourable set-up of the scale can also cause slight deviations.

The measurement results of the physical data for fat, water and muscle percentage are not completely independent of the circumstances. They can be influenced by anatomical factors (e.g. leg length, calf and thigh volume), training condition of muscles, bone structure, fat distribution in the body, body weight or also measuring at different times of the day. The measured values are easily interpreted, in particular by comparing repeated measurements taken under similar conditions.

Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) is the body analysis method used in high-quality body analysis scales. It works on the principle that the scale sends a weak electrical alternating current through the body and in turn measures the complex resistance of the body. The resulting data form the basis for calculating the individual physical values.

Each displayed number on the screen of the scale consists of 13 segments, with the help of which the numbers are formed. If the screen is defective, individual or several segments will no longer function. Please contact our Customer Service to check your warranty.

Soehnle Connect bathroom scales are supported by smartphones with version 4.4.4 on Android and iOS 9 on Apple, and higher.

Each Soehnle Connect bathroom scale displays all the values it can measure on the screen, one after the other. When linked with your smartphone, all the values are transferred to the Soehnle Connect app and processed.

Body analysis measurement is based on bioelectrical impedance analysis. According to this principle, the Soehnle Connect bathroom scale sends a very weak electrical alternating current through the body, thereby measuring the complex resistance of the body. The resulting data form the basis for the individual physical values.

The water contained in the human body is found in different elements of the body and is therefore also present in fat and muscle tissue. Since these parts cannot be separated completely, the values can add up to over 100%.

The unit of measuring for weight must be set manually by means of the switch located on the back of the Soehnle Connect bathroom scale. Please refer to the user manual for your product.
The unit of measurement for displaying your data in the app is set automatically depending on which language you have set on your smartphone.

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