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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to Aroma Diffuser and Humidifier

Aroma Diffuser and Humidifier

The fragrance of a room greatly influences body and mind: it can revive an organism, awaken wonderful memories, or activate creativity. It can also convey a comfortable interior climate and encourages relaxation – in the bathroom as well as in the bedroom or living room.

Dry air – caused by heating systems in the winter – can cause uncomfortable symptoms for some people; particularly when the relative air humidity falls below 40 percent. Air humidifiers are a great option to maintain the relative air humidity at an individually comfortable level.

It is the ratio of water vapor actually contained in the air to the maximum possible volume of water vapor in the air. In other words: it is the ratio of absolute air moisture and the maximum air moisture. Commonly measured in percent.

The humidity level is the content of water vapor in the air.
The ability of air to absorb water vapor increases with higher air temperatures. The lower the water vapor content of the air, the dryer the air will be.

No. Humans do not have a sensory organ that could assess the air moisture independently from other climatic parameters. But the effects of dry air – burning eyes, susceptibility to colds – can be perceived indirectly.

Of course. The air humidification function and its positive effects will still be maintained.

In general, yes. However, delicate furniture or carpets may be damaged. In any case, we recommend placing absorbent material (carpet remnants, rag, cloth, or newspaper) under the device.

Not necessarily. You may use regular tap water.
However, the container should be cleaned with a cloth during each water change, in order to prevent hard water deposits. If you have very hard water, you may notice white hard water deposits on your furnishings and other objects. We therefore recommend using distilled or filtered water.

It is best to wipe the container with a cloth after each filling. 

1 - 3 drops of fragrance oil are sufficient for one filling of water.

In principle, yes. However, Soehnle fragrance oils were specifically developed for this system.

You can mix all Soehnle fragrance oils as desired to create your own fragrance. But please note that you should not exceed 1 – 3 drops per fresh refill.

The use of room fragrance is designed to improve the quality of interior rooms – in the best possible way. People with sensitive respiratory systems however may be sensitive to fragrances.

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