Soehnle 160 Jahre

The Soehnle Connect-App
puts feelings into figures!

Clear graphics and simple operating makes it possible for you to maintain a clear overview of
how your personal stats are developing. This ensures you are always kept up-to-date about your
fitness and are motivated to set yourself new goals. Your fitness training can now be even more
effective with the Soehnle Connect app!


You are sure to achieve your goal 
with the Soehnle Connect app!

You are sure to achieve your goal 
with the Soehnle Connect app!

You are sure to achieve your goal 
with the Soehnle Connect app!

Measure values

Aktivität Messen Aktivität Messen

Analyse statistics

Ziele erreichen Ziele erreichen

Achieve your goals

It doesn’t matter what you do,
it all adds up!

The Soehnle Connect app is your companion throughout the day,
making it possible for you to fully monitor the health and fitness data your Soehnle Connect
products have collected. It motivates you day-by-day to achieve your goals, keeps you
up-to-date on your activities and summarises your sleep patterns.


Well-networked and also safe


with popular
fitness apps

Data control

Manage full control of
your data and benefit from
high levels of data security


One app for use
with all of Soehnle's
Connect devices

All you need to know
summarised for you

One app for everything

All your personal data collected by the various Soehnle devices is assimilated into just one app.

Full data control

You can choose whether to store your personal data on your smartphone or in the Cloud.


Clearly-structured display, easy to read and simple to navigate.

Data protection

Data is stored on a server in Germany, in accordance with German data protection provisions.


The Soehnle Connect app can be used with Android and iOS operating systems.


The app makes recommendations to help keep you motivated and allows you to share your achievements and successes on your social media platforms.

Soehnle Connect app – free at:

One app for everything

Once installed, you are able to connect all the Soehnle Connect products which monitor
different aspects of your health and fitness into one practical app. Whether it be the scales or your
fitness tracker – all the data measured will be collected in the app and analysed.


Let's get connected -
the Soehnle Connect devices