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Pomegranate: Fascinating power fruit

Supposedly it was a glorious pomegranate that the Trojan hero Paris gave to the Goddess Aphrodite and crowning her the most beautiful woman of Olympus. The pomegranate as a symbol of and means for eternal youth and beauty – a myth or the truth?

Truth and experience, because the healers of Antiquity knew that the active ingredients in pomegranates can slow down the ageing process. Over the past years, modern-day nutrition experts have confirmed this as well as other useful benefits of this exotic fruit.

Healing effect...
Researchers now know that the bioactive substances contained in pomegranates have a strong antioxidant effect. Specifically: They protect somatic cells from harmful influences and have an anti-inflammatory effect. The juice or the fruit kernels are also said to prevent cardiovascular diseases, lower blood pressure, help against arthritis, and even increase libido. 

Trendy fruit or healthy multi-talent?
Eternal youth, exotic nature, libido – the rise to fame is nearly pre-programmed with such fascinating advantages. In the US, pomegranate juice is praised as the healthiest juice of the decade! But is this only a short-lived hype or is the pomegranate truly a healthy multi-talent?

The healing effect of the internal application of pomegranates is undisputed in medical circles, but the active substances of pomegranates are said to work miracles even when used externally. No other plant can offer better protection against skin ageing, because the pomegranate has an invigorating effect, which actively stimulates the regeneration of skin cells. Its anti-inflammatory effect helps prevent skin irritation and dry skin and also protects stressed skin. So yes, it is a healthy multi-talent ...

Exotic taste …?
They are very healthy, those crunchy pomegranate kernels, and they also have a very exotic taste: refreshingly sweet and sour, with a slightly bitter taste due to the many bitter substances. Pomegranates originate in Central Asia and Persia – it is a natural and fascinating ingredient in oriental cuisine. Try it for yourself: With a moist roast, delicate game, or tasty couscous ...

What would the Orient be without its legendary desserts. Many of these desserts are almost too sweet for our tastes, but the bitter/sour pomegranate flavour forms a pleasant contrast. And the salads, gravies, or desserts lavishly decorated with the fruity red kernels are also very decorative. Enjoy your meal!

One more tip: To prevent chaos in the kitchen and stains on your clothes, simply remove the kernels under water in a bowl or a pot.

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