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Solar Sense

Solar Sense

Looks very good and produces its own energy. Thanks to powerful solar energy, Solar Sense will protect the environment as well as your wallet.

  • The scale is always ready to go, even in low light conditions
  • No backup batteries required
  • Automatic on and off function – the body weight appears in the display immediately upon stepping on the scale, no more tapping required. The scale automatically switches off after use
  • Digits on large LCD screen are easy to read
  • Flat construction and large platform made of safety glass ensure high level of stability

 Safety glass/aluminum/plastic
Colour: black
Dimensions: W 32.0 x D 29.2 x H 2.2 cm; W 12.6 x D 11.5 x  H 0.87 inch
Item no.: 63308 8

Solar Sense
Solar Sense

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