Soehnle 160 Jahre

Exotic design highlights made of real bamboo Elegant. Natural.
And in perfect form.

perfekt in form Wissenswertes

Personal scale "Bamboo" Adds nature to the bathroom

Bamboo adds nature to the bathroom. Bamboo scales are trendy. The high-quality, durable material offers a pleasant and sturdy platform. The tranquil surface of the personal scale made of bamboo blends harmoniously into every room ambiance. The extra-large display is illuminated and therefore very comfortable to read. The flat construction and large platform guarantee high stability and sturdy balance. The bamboo scale combines sophisticated technology and natural design.

Kitchen scale "Bamboo" Pure exoticism for the kitchen

A design highlight for the kitchen, with a high-quality weighing platform made of real bamboo. Thanks to its natural look, the bamboo kitchen scale is highly decorative. The natural surface is very easy to clean and absolutely hygienic. In addition to the cutting-edge look, the digital kitchen scale made of bamboo also impresses with its convenient features. It is also suitable for larger bowls. With its refreshingly natural appearance, the bamboo scale fits into any modern household.

Design Aroma Diffuser "Modena" Wellness oasis for your senses

With its fascinating interplay of light and the soft fragrances, the elegant aroma diffuser made of natural bamboo and elegant, frosted glass transforms any room into an ambient oasis of wellness. The fragrance and the LED illumination can be individually combined. All combinations of fragrance and light can be comfortably set with a switch. The Aroma Diffuser Bamboo with its natural look is a true eye-catcher in the apartment.

Interesting facts about bamboo Did you know that ...

In botany, bamboo is categorised as a grass? Worldwide there are more than 1000 types of bamboo, the distribution, growth, and hardiness of which in part differs strongly. Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on earth. Tropical types of bamboo can grow up to a metre per day and can reach a height of up to 40 metres?

In many countries, bamboo is a symbol with very positive associations? In China, bamboo is a symbol for strong resistance and longevity because the stalks right themselves after the snow has melted. For New Year’s, Kadomatsu (arrangement made of pine branches and bamboo canes) is placed at the entrance of the home in Japan to bring good fortune to the residents. In the Philippines, farmers use crosses made of bamboo to bring good luck.

Bamboo is a highly esteemed material specifically because of its elasticity and tensile strength? Bamboo can be used in many ways, for example for furniture, fences, and even the construction of buildings. In Asia it is also used to construct bridges while costing only a fraction of the cost for constructions from the steel and wood industry. Bamboo is very suitable for outdoor use as it holds up even to extreme weather influences without warping. Even bicycles are made of bamboo.

Panda bears love bamboo! As they eat almost exclusively bamboo, they are also called “bamboo bears”. Grown animals eat between 15 to 30 kilograms of bamboo per day because of the low nutritional value. Baby panda bears get to eat bamboo after they have nursed for 5 months. Panda bears have five fingers as well as an extended wrist bone in order to better grab the bamboo.

In China, paper has been made from cellulose made of bamboo shoots since the 11th century? Bamboo paper is very durable. Even today, bamboo is used for paper production in China because the timber supply is very limited. Due to the high quality, bamboo is even suitable for the production of packaging material and toilet paper.

In Asia, bamboo is an important energy source for cooking and heating? In light of the burning time, bamboo charcoal is significantly more effective than wood charcoal. But there are even more advantages: While bamboo has the same bulk density, it has three times as much energy as firewood. From a price aspect it is also a very interesting alternative to wood charcoal.

Naturally trendy - personal scales and kitchen scales made of bamboo

The personal and kitchen scales of the Bamboo series by Soehnle are trendy. Their surfaces made of real bamboo give them a refreshingly natural look. Bamboo has an exotic look yet blends harmoniously into nearly every ambiance. The Bamboo personal scales are available in the colours white and natural. Both versions feature many convenient functions. The high-quality weighing surface of the personal scale made of bamboo creates a pleasantly warm feeling on the feet. The extra-large, illuminated LCD screen guarantees optimum readability of the digits even under low light conditions.

With its natural design, the digital kitchen scale Bamboo is a great eye-catcher in the modern kitchen. The surface made of real bamboo is very hygienic and allows easy cleaning. Thanks to its Sensor Touch function, the Bamboo kitchen scale is very comfortable to operate.

Aroma diffuser made of bamboo for appealing room ambiance

The Modena Aroma Diffuser uses light and fragrance to create a wonderful atmosphere for relaxation and well-being. The scent and intensity of the fragrance are flexibly adjustable. The Bamboo Aroma Diffuser transforms your home into a temple of wellness.