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Hot rhythms under water

The Latin-American dance fitness "Zumba" conquered Germany's world of fitness long time ago. It stands for lively movements, rousing rhythms, and a lot of fun. A recipe for success that is now also entering swimming pools with equal zest: Aqua Zumba has what it takes to be a trend.

It's an ideal mix: take some spirited Zumba choreography, combine it with the ease of classical water aerobics, and add hot-blooded Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton and Cumbia rhythms. The result is a highly effective exercise that is very varied and incredibly fun.

Participants swing their hips, arms, and legs in the water while the trainer demonstrates the dance moves "dry" at the edge of the pool. On the one hand, movements are slower due to the water resistance, and on the other hand they are also more strenuous. The buoyancy of the water however makes it all rather effortless. 

Aqua Zumba is a fully fledged, all-round endurance and strength workout. The body is exercised evenly and the pulse is revved up. Even minor exercises have an incredible effect. The typical Zumba movements are much more effective in the water and quickly firm up arms and legs. Since blood circulation in tissue increases due to the water's massage effect, the success is visible already after a short time. 

Aqua Zumba is a perfect exercise for seniors or overweight persons because motion sequences in the water help protect joints and bones. The buoyancy supports the complete skeleton and ensures minimum stress. Even beginners can quickly enjoy this cheerful type of sport, which simply puts everyone in a good mood. 

The fun factor is almost more important than the fitness factor. Every workout is like a large pool party where everyone can sing along to their heart's content. There are not a lot of rules; everyone can participate in the playful dance movements. Prior knowledge of Zumba or aqua aerobics is not necessary. If someone doesn't usually like to dance in front of others, they can finally let off steam underwater because nobody can really see the dance movements very precisely. Yet they are still effective: one hour of Aqua Zumba burns approximately 400 calories.  

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